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The Indian Rupee is currently getting crushed by RBI. The money is the worst performer in emerging Asia this year, and analysts say that is because the central bank is mopping up bucks gushing into local bonds and stocks. The RBI bought has roughly $18 billion of foreign market since September’s end, based on estimates by Bloomberg Economics. While the buys have propelled reservations to

Property and land top businesses where bribery lasted like before in 2018, says poll. New Delhi: The’India Corruption Survey 2019′, conducted by LocalCircles and Transparency International India, has revealed that land registration and land are the two industries where demand for bribes did not change in 2018. Among other things, the survey also revealed a break-up of how things have shifted in the previous 12

ISA’s tender for water pumps pulls down prices by half. India’s state-run Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL) conducted the biggest global price discovery exercise by aggregating the need from 22 ISA member countries, in a potential order valued at $2.7 billion. The price discovered for 272,000 pumps will be offered to all ISA member nations for approval and will serve as the reference point for

Govt’s approach to recognition is faulty & pushed by assumptions that are faulty. Police in Chennai is based to help maintain order and law in areas of the city. In the same way, Punjab Artificial Intelligence System, a recipient of a FICCI smart policing award, uses facial recognition for identification. Authorities in Hyderabad is using facial recognition to identify’persons of interest’ with footage. The Indian