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Why Pakistan’s powerful Army & assertive judiciary are within an crash program. New Delhi: In an unprecedented move, the Chief Justice of Pakistan Asif Saeed Khosa Tuesday suspended the three-year extension granted to the Army Chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa of the country, sending the Nation into a spell of uncertainty and shock. This is the time when the Army, which controls everything in Pakistan,

Time to bring back sanity back to comment box. I used to work in a company with a senior architect who had 20-plus years of industry expertise. Everybody in the company deferred to his authority. Once he revealed that he had studied until the eighth grade. The tech market is full of geeks that hold influence in their businesses compared to Ivy Leaguers and IITians.

Features you gonna get with new Airpod. Apple has been working on the such as wireless earbuds and the iPhone 12. The newly established AirPods Pro came from the business with a enhanced noise-canceling attribute for the earbuds’ third-generation. According to the Patently Apple, the maker that is iPhone is currently working on incorporating the air pressure detector for its earphones. Out of these, a