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Slowdown fears: PM Modi to maintain meeting that is crucial . Amid fears that economic expansion might be slipping into an extended period of slowdown, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been learnt to have convened a crucial two-day meeting, beginning Saturday, to review street maps for the market and outside, ready by 10’sectoral groups’ containing secretaries of several departments. Key ministers — including corporate affairs

Property and land top businesses where bribery lasted like before in 2018, says poll. New Delhi: The’India Corruption Survey 2019′, conducted by LocalCircles and Transparency International India, has revealed that land registration and land are the two industries where demand for bribes did not change in 2018. Among other things, the survey also revealed a break-up of how things have shifted in the previous 12

It is becoming more expensive to eat in India, and economists are concerned. Food prices are climbing in the planet’s biggest markets, posing a possible inflation hazard after months of pathways that are dormant. Asia’s two biggest developing economies face a cost surge for products that are staple — pork in China and onions in India — which are fundamental to customers’ diets. In Nigeria

ISA’s tender for water pumps pulls down prices by half. India’s state-run Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL) conducted the biggest global price discovery exercise by aggregating the need from 22 ISA member countries, in a potential order valued at $2.7 billion. The price discovered for 272,000 pumps will be offered to all ISA member nations for approval and will serve as the reference point for

Internet privacy problems replicate in Kashmir hearing. New Delhi, Nov 27 The dilemma connected with Internet privacy echoed in the Supreme Court on Wednesday, as it pondered over the issue that if the government were to read all messages exchanged through various modes of communication then there may not be any privacy. A bench headed by N.V. Ramana was hearing the submissions of senior advocate

Govt’s approach to recognition is faulty & pushed by assumptions that are faulty. Police in Chennai is based to help maintain order and law in areas of the city. In the same way, Punjab Artificial Intelligence System, a recipient of a FICCI smart policing award, uses facial recognition for identification. Authorities in Hyderabad is using facial recognition to identify’persons of interest’ with footage. The Indian

Government directs ministries to aggressively pursue overseas companies for investment after recent reforms. New Delhi: The government has requested all Central ministries to take advantage of many reforms executed in the last couple of months to lure overseas companies for large-scale investment in the country. The Cabinet Secretariat letter reviewed by Firstpost shows that concerned departments are advised to identify sectors where foreign firms could

Four power distribution companies to be privatized by odisha government. At the first such move in almost two years in India’s power sector, the Odisha government is defined to privatize four state-owned power distribution companies, said two people conscious of the growth. The drive is led by Odisha Electricity Regulatory Commission (OERC). Odisha has an average energy demand of 4,000 megawatts (MW). While WESCO supplies

Features you gonna get with new Airpod. Apple has been working on the such as wireless earbuds and the iPhone 12. The newly established AirPods Pro came from the business with a enhanced noise-canceling attribute for the earbuds’ third-generation. According to the Patently Apple, the maker that is iPhone is currently working on incorporating the air pressure detector for its earphones. Out of these, a

90 more students, largely from India, held from fake US university. The arrested students were enrolled in an imitation university created by the US government to inspect immigration fraud, a media report has said. The ICE had in March arrested 161 pupils from the imitation university established by it. The latest news of the arrest of further 90 students lately, first reported on Tuesday by