Pakistan: Thoughts on reducing lockdown before Eid


Under increasing pressure from the business and business community in Pakistan’s Punjab province, the Punjab government has decided to reduce the lockdown in view of Eidul Fitr, but at the same time maintain standards to maintain social distance to avoid the increasing spread of the corona virus Strict adherence to SOP-standard operating procedures.

Punjab Governor Chaudhary Mohammad Sarwar said that the government plans to further reduce the restrictions imposed under lockdown to ease the troubles of poor and daily wage earners. The lack of ration due to prolonged lockdown poses a major danger to the people.

Sarwar said the government has initiated a “smart lockdown” to protect the business community and small traders from further economic recession. Lack of restrictions in lockdown should not be seen as an indication that the epidemic has stopped. He said that the war against Coronavirus cannot be won on the streets, but by staying in homes, the virus can be prevented from spreading.

Sarwar also said that the mobilization of people on markets and roads would increase the risk of spreading the virus on a large scale. The government and doctors are appealing to people to stay at home. The governor said that thousands of people are infected with coronavirus and on the other hand the country is struggling with economic crisis. The nation will not forgive those who try to mislead them during this difficult time, and action will also be taken against those who spread false information.

Sarwar said that the government has taken a lot of measures to provide financial assistance to poor people, but the government cannot defeat the coronavirus epidemic alone. He informed that ration is being made available to the poor through Rescue 1122 service.

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