Property and land top businesses where bribery lasted like before in 2018, says poll.

Property and land top businesses where bribery lasted like before in 2018, says poll.

New Delhi: The’India Corruption Survey 2019′, conducted by LocalCircles and Transparency International India, has revealed that land registration and land are the two industries where demand for bribes did not change in 2018. Among other things, the survey also revealed a break-up of how things have shifted in the previous 12 months with regard to need of bribes. The survey gave five options to respondents when asked ‘just like previously, Bribery has reduced, Bribery has increased, Did not have a desire Bribery is ongoing’.

According to the poll, 49 per cent respondents said that bribes in land problems and land registration have continued. But 12 per cent said bribery has decreased, and 8 percent felt it has increased. In work related to municipality and local bodies, 44 percent said that bribery demands have remained the same. 13 per cent stated bribery has increased in bodies and 10 per cent said it has decreased.

As many as 42 per cent individuals stated that bribe need from police has not changed. But eleven per cent people said it has risen and another 11 per cent said it has diminished, according to the survey. Thirty-eight per cent people stated while 17 per cent are those who stated it’s reduced, that in the last 12 months, demand for bribes by taxation officers has continued like before. A mere six percent said it has increased. However, 33 percent stated they did not feel the necessity to bribe at all, the survey said.

30% said bribe demand in power dept has stayed same

With respect to Regional Transport Office, 37 per cent said that frequency of bribery has remained the same at the last year, only 9 percent said it has increased and while 19 per cent considered it has reduced. The poll also said that 33 percent considered that demand for bribes from officers at local water division has stayed the same.

In electricity section, bribe needs have lasted like previously, said 30 per cent men and women in the survey. Whereas, 12 per cent considered it’s reduced and seven per cent said it has increased. The’India Corruption Survey 2019’was conducted to check the degree of’domestic’ corruption in India. It saw that the involvement of 81,000 people and was conducted in 20 countries across districts. The survey had 64 per cent men and 34 per cent women taking part. Forty per cent of those 1,90,000 responses have been from rural locations and tier-III cities from 18 per cent, 33 per cent from tier-II cities and tier-I cities.

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