Social networking use linked to anxiety.


Social networking use linked to anxiety.

The study was published in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry

Social media usage, television viewing, and computer usage are associated with an gain in the symptoms of stress according to a study. The research shows that a higher than average frequency of social media use, television viewing and computer usage over four decades predicts more severe symptoms of anxiety over the exact time frame. A current study by the group found relationships of television viewing and social media use .

The study, however, didn’t find the same connection with pc use.It seems that computer usage is uniquely connected to increases in stress, possibly in regard to utilizing the computer for homework activities, the investigators stated. The analysis could have significant implications for how youth and families decide to control digital display time so as to prevent and decrease symptoms of anxiety.The findings suggest that social media usage, television viewing, and computer usage are predictors of anxiety in adolescence.

While the results are observation-based, the researchers controlled for any common underlying vulnerability to elevated levels of anxiety and screen time. “More study is needed, such as study that includes experimental designs, to confirm it is vulnerability to social networking, television, and computer use that is causing elevated rates of stress in young men and women,” explained Patricia Conrod, a professor at the University of Montreal. Conrod’s team tracked nearly four thousand Canadian teenagers from age 12 to 16. Every year of high school, teens were asked to self-report time spent in front of digital displays.

They also reported the amount of time spent participating in four distinct kinds of display time activities — television, social websites, video gaming, and computer use. The teens completed self-reported questionnaires on various anxiety symptoms at the age of 12 to 16. “These findings indicate that one way to help teens manage anxiety might be to help them restrict the quantity of time they spend in front of screens,” explained Conrod.

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