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President Donald Trump Before leaving the state of Arizona, on Thursday, Trump told the media that the number of Corona patients was steadily increasing, causing more deaths. In such a situation, the task force will not end. He had tweeted about the task force keeping the tweet on Thursday morning. In this context, he said that he was getting calls from people of enlightened class. Their only question was that when Task Force is doing good work, what is the rationale for ending it.

Trump said- America is in the next phase of the fight against Covid-19

US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that the outbreak of the Corona virus in the country is decreasing and that the war has now reached the next stage, which is to reopen the country in a very safe, phased manner and gradually. Trump said in his remarks at Honeywell International in Phoenix,

“Thank you for the commitment of our citizens.”

We have overcome the danger and the lives of countless Americans have been saved. Our country is in the next phase of the fight. The country is being reopened in a very safe, phased manner and gradually.

According to Johns Hopkins University in the US, more than 71,000 Americans have lost their lives and more than 1.2 million people have been infected by this deadly virus by Tuesday. Have been found

America will pays the price for Trump’s Bad decision

Last year, when Prime Minister Modi went to the US city of Houston to attend a ceremony called ‘Howdy Modi’ in his honor, increasing energy cooperation between the two countries was an important topic on his agenda, fulfilling this goal of investment and oil from America And it was decided to get natural gas through imports.

India has chosen to make its energy needs not multi-faceted by merely sourcing it from a few sources, because before that our petroleum imports have been largely on a specific basis, such as Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq. Now we want to change this monopoly like system.

Recently, the US and Canada have started exporting oil and gas on a large scale after discovering their coastal oil deposits. Russia has also stepped into the world oil supply scenario with its huge sources. Arrangements are being made to bring natural gas to India from there.

Due to this, the OPEC organization is finding it difficult to recover monopolistic prices for its oil and gas. During Trump’s visit to India, building a US-India energy cooperation was an important task point. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia and the UAE have agreed to invest heavily in the oil and gas sector in India.

Trump came to visit the factory, did not wear masks, became a troll

President Donald Trump visited the new mask factory in Arizona, USA. This is Trump’s first tour after nearly two months of Corona lock down, which is seen as a step towards opening up to the US.

During this tour, Trump made such a mistake that he has again hit the target of social media. Actually, Trump went to the factory to make a mask, told the merits of the mask but during this time he himself appeared without a mask.

According to media reports, due to the ever increasing cases in the US, some factories have been built after the scarcity of other health equipment, including masks, to increase production as soon as possible.

The factory has been built in less than 5 weeks, making N-95 masks, which are very important for health workers. Please tell that even though Donald Trump may have seen a mask made here, he was wearing a spectacle.

Why Trump disbanded Corona Task Force despite 2350 deaths in 24 hours

US President Trump took this decision at a time when the number of corona infected and deaths in the country, except New York, is increasing. In the last 24 hours, around 2350 infected people have died.

Decision after FAUCI’ s statement

The decision was taken after a statement by Trump’s health adviser, who was part of the task force and the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases,

Dr. Anthony Fauci, in which he said that there was no evidence of corona virus originating in Wuhan.

President Trump said on Tuesday that we have overcome the danger. Now we are in the next phase of this fight. The spread of the virus in the country is decreasing.

Thank you for the commitment of the citizens. He said that now the economy is being opened up in a very safe and phased manner.

Repeated, American First

Trump repeated the slogan of American First. He said that the US administration relied on simple rules. Buy country made goods and recruit Americans. You are all warriors. With your help we will defeat Corona. Seeing our country coming back on track.

Death toll will increase if US reopens: Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump has said that after removing the lock down in the country due to the corona virus, when the country’s economy reopens, more American people will die.

The important thing is that Trump went to a factory to make a mask and did not wear a mask here, and refused to consider the corona virus a challenge.

When asked if the death toll would increase after the end of social distancing and the lock down,

The president said that it was likely that the death toll would increase.

Donald Trump is going to open the Lock Down

Donald Trump going to take big decision

US President Donald Trump said the White House would form an economy-opening group in place of the Corona Virus Task Force. He said that he sees American citizens as warriors amid Corona virus infection …

“US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that the outbreak of the Corona virus in the country is decreasing and that the war has now reached the next stage, which is to reopen the country in a very safe, phased manner and gradually.”

Trump said in his remarks at Honeywell International in Phoenix that he thanked our citizens for their commitment. We have overcome the danger and the lives of countless Americans have been saved.

Our country is in the next phase of the fight.

Donald Trump gave very good news about Corona virus vaccine, said this

Trump responded to a question from a Nebraska man who had recovered from Kovid-19, saying, “I think we will get the vaccine by the end of this year.

He also said that his administration is working hard for Remedesvire. US public health officials have said that it may take from one year to 18 months for the vaccine to be available.

Immunologist Dr. Anthony Fauchi, however, said in late April that it would have to be thought that even if a vaccine was developed soon, it would still be widely distributed by next January.

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Desperate to get the economy back on track, President Donald Trump responded to questions from Americans regarding some states being allowed to reopen non-essential businesses and the Lock Down still in effect due to the corona virus in other states lamps.

He emphasized on the resumption of economic activities.

His advisors believe that this is necessary for the possibility of him getting re-elected in the presidential election to be held in November this year.

Corona: Donald Trump Says – WHO Like PR Agency For China

US President Donald Trump continues to target China and the World Health Organization (WHO) over the corona virus.

During a conversation with reporters at the White House on Thursday, he made a big attack on the WHO, saying that he (WHO) should be ashamed, because it is like a public relations (PR) agency for China.

In addition, Trump also warned China of new tariffs. The US president has claimed that he has seen evidence related to the corona virus in Wuhan’s lab.

Donald Trump was asked whether he had seen anything that showed that the corona virus was born from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China.

In response, Trump said that the WHO should be ashamed, as it is like a public relations (PR) agency for China.

Donald Trump, battling the Corona virus, is working day and night in the White house

#1. Anshuman Tiwari

Washington The stance of President Donald Trump in the US most infected with the Corona virus has created another major crisis.

The United States is currently struggling with a shortage of testing kits and other equipment and Trump has placed the responsibility of arranging all these devices on the states.

Although some equipment has been given to the states by the Trump administration, but the governors of most states are facing a crisis in collecting goods from abroad.

Experts say that this stance of Trump amidst Corona crisis has created difficult conditions in the country.

Governors also have to take important decision to open lock down in their states.

#2. Uncontrolled Corona in America

The most dangerous infection of the corona virus is visible in the US itself. So far more than eleven and a half million people have been infected with this virus in America and more than 65000 people have taken their lives. According to data from Johns University,

America is the most affected by Corona infection in the world. Just as Mumbai has become a concern for the Government of India in India,

Similarly the situation in New York in the US has become uncontrollable. Trump’s strange decisions are proving overwhelming for the country even in this difficult time.

#3. Governors of states caught in a lot of trouble

Trump has placed the responsibility of collecting testing kits and other medical equipment on the governors of the states. Due to this the governors of the states are facing difficult situation. Governors have increased contact with each other to face this crisis.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan is associated with Trump’s Republican Party but is openly opposed to Trump. Hogan has taken the initiative to increase contact with other governors.

Trump Shows True Leadership During Epidemic: Top Campaign Officer

As for allegedly spreading misinformation about the Trump administration over opposition Democrats and some media people, a top campaign official on Wednesday insisted that the president showed true leadership during the current Corona virus epidemic.

Kimberly national chair of the Trump Victory Finance Committee at the campaign for Women: Trump: Empower Hour, run by Trump, said during a panel discussion,

President Trump has shown true leadership during the current crisis, yet the radical Democrats and The mainstream media attacked the Trump administration with lies and misinformation. ‘

He said that President Trump has acted on his promises to all Americans, especially women … and will continue to do so for four more years.

He discussed Trump’s actions on the corona virus in the panel and also spoke on the reopening of the US economy. At the same time, under the leadership of the President, women all over the country have benefited.

A media release released on Trump’s campaign stated that every day it is becoming clear that ‘Joe Biden’ is ineligible to serve as President of the United States.

Dr. said, ‘Only President Trump has the strength and stamina to defeat the Corona virus, protect our constitutional freedoms, and bring back our economy.’

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